Blic’s mission is to ensure that its clients’ views are taken into account in relevant public decision-making. Our aim is to be Finland’s leading expert in advocacy.

Public decision-making concerns companies and other actors in the society in several ways: regulation, taxation and public procurement projects are prime examples. These decisions cannot be made in a vacuum, but decision-makers need information on the impacts of their decisions on companies and other actors of the society. An open dialogue is in everyone’s interest – final decisions are made by democratically elected decision-makers.

However, participating in the dialogue can be challenging for outsiders. Political decision-making processes are often complex and involve several stakeholders with differing motives and objectives. In addition, the final result depends on the power relations and dynamics within and between the different stakeholders.

Blic’s role is to ensure that its clients remain well informed about public decision-making concerning them and that the clients get their voice heard. Blic was founded in 2014 when Niilo Mustonen, one of Finland’s leading advocacy experts, and Peter Fagernäs, business influencer and professional board member, decided to build a player specialized in advocacy. In Finland, the advocacy industry had established itself as a side business of communications agencies although the two businesses differ in several fundamental ways. Our aim is to be Finland’s leading expert in the advocacy business.

added value
to our clients

  1. Understanding the logic behind public decision-making

    We base our business on a profound knowledge and experience of public decision-making processes and stakeholders. Our extensive network of decision-makers ensures that we have in-depth knowledge of the current political situation and trends.

  2. Holistic approach

    Advocacy is more than communications. Our starting point is understanding the client’s business needs, and successful advocacy requires knowledge of the political field, legislation, and the work of ministries and government departments.

  3. Dedication to client’s advocacy agenda

    Blic is one of the few companies specialised in advocacy and public affairs. Blic’s advocacy-focused offering aims at producing measurable benefits to our client’s business.