Code of Conduct

In addition to following the code of conduct of the European Commission Transparency Register, we follow our own ethical principles in all our activities and operations. With our own actions, we aim to increase public trust towards public affairs industry. We always work responsibly and encourage our clients and decision-makers to transparency.


  • We work honestly and give the best possible contribution to our clients.
  • We take care that there are no conflicts of interest between our clients or our assignments.
  • We only execute the assignments and tasks which have been agreed upon with the client. We have the right to refuse to execute any assignment that is against our code of conduct and principles.
  • We strictly follow non-disclosure agreements. We never disclose of the names of our clients without the approval of the client.



  • While in contact with public decision-makers and discussing the topics of our clients, we always inform the decision-maker who the client for the case is and for what we will use the received information.
  • We will make sure that the information we give to the public decision-makers is truthful and accurate. We have the right to decline assignments that are against this principle.
  • We strictly dissociate ourselves from corruption and bribery.


Code of Conduct of the European Commission Transparency Register

  • We are a member of the European Commission Transparency Register and follow its rules and code of conduct accordingly.
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