Advocacy strategies

We help our clients to identify and plan their entire agenda of advocacy topics.

Like in business management, in advocacy work it is from time to time necessary to evaluate goals and priorities in a wider context than a single advocacy topic. Especially in industries that are heavily dependent on public decision-making – such as energy, transportation and construction – it is important to focus limited resources on the right topics. A long-term view and systematic approach are likewise important so that advocacy is more than reacting to decisions that have been long in the making.

When drafting an advocacy strategy, it is essential to recognize all public decision-making topics that have an impact on the client’s business. The clients are the best experts in evaluating the business impact of a given topic – Blic’s core competence is to analyse the starting points and scenarios of the related political decision-making process. Based on these analyses one can prioritize different advocacy topics, plan and eventually execute a successful advocacy strategy.