Coalitions and campaigns

We help our clients to mobilise broader support for their goals.

In order to succeed, an advocacy project may require support from a broad group of stakeholders or visibility in public discussion. Industries typically have their own established interest groups to advocate goals shared by the whole industry. However, a coalition may also be built on an ad-hoc basis around a common cause shared by a group companies in different industries or by different types of actors in society. Coalitions can be used to share the workload and to make sure decision-makers hear the message from many different directions. In some cases the advocacy work is best supported by conducting campaigns that engage the broader public and thus attract attention from decision-makers as well.

Blic helps its clients to identify potential coalition partners; utilizes its networks and know-how in building a coalition; and orchestrates and plans advocacy efforts for the coalition. In public campaigns, Blic is the client’s partner from planning and preparation until execution, depending on client needs.