Political analysis

We make public decision-making understandable to our clients.

Although public decision-making impacts all actors in society, few of them have the ability and resources to stay fully updated on relevant developments. Companies are well versed in legislation and regulation concerning their respective industries, but public decision-making processes, related interests and perspectives are difficult for outsiders to interpret. The more the issue at hand carries political weight and impacts the power of different decision-makers, the less emphasis there is on the actual substance of the issue.


Blic offers its clients an up-to-date view of the situation in a public decision-making process relevant to the client. This enables the client to anticipate future developments and make advocacy efforts at the right time. Blic builds its analysis on years of experience of public decision-making and advocacy, with all the acumen on actors, roles and processes gained from it. Blic’s extensive networks cover Finnish decision-makers across political parties and administrative sectors. They make sure Blic can provide its clients with up-to-date information from all levels of decision-making.