Stakeholder engagement

We support our clients in building a long-term dialogue with relevant decision-makers

Companies today need to engage themselves in open dialogue with relevant decision-makers and stakeholders. Even though sometimes intensive, goal-specific advocacy efforts are called for, best results are achieved through long-term co-operation. The objective is to make the client’s organization and its goals familiar to the decision-maker and to engage in a broader dialogue e.g. around industry prospects or regulatory environment. It is important to map and reach out not only to key decision-makers but also to background influencers to engage them in the discussion.

Blic offers its clients support in creating, maintaining and developing decision-maker networks. In addition to one-on-one meetings, another useful tool can be e.g. events arranged for a wider group of decision-makers. Blic helps the client to recognize the relevant people; facilitates in establishing a dialogue; and provides insight of the views and starting points of the decision-makers to be engaged.