Aleksi Rantala

+358 40 734 3900

My evening routines include watching an episode of Itse Valtiaat just before falling asleep.

Fun fact

My name is Aleksi Rantala and at Blic...

I started working at Blic in March 2021, after completing my master’s thesis (almost) at Turku School of Economics. In the past, I have gathered experience in for example supply chain management and consulting. In my studies as well as work, I have learned to support decision-making with data, and I believe this skill to beneficial at Blic as well.

At Blic, I am fascinated by the open and visionary atmosphere, which I have immediately been able to enjoy in the form of expert social analyzes from colleagues. I have also been immediately included in several different projects, from which I have been able to learn more on consulting and advocacy work. My job description includes the preparation of various studies, analyzes and support materials. I am also involved in meetings and brainstorming solutions to match clients’ situations, which certainly develope my understanding of the strategic interaction between business and society.

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