Anni-Sofia Hammer

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I like to write poems on current topics.

Fun fact

My name is Anni-Sofia Hammer and at Blic...


I am AnniSofia Hammer and at Blic I work as an analyst. In the past, I have worked in the
Parliament of Finland with the Centre Party of Finland. I have also 
worked in organizations and research institutes in political and economic research. I graduated from the University of Helsinki as an agronomist and majored in agricultural policy, and I also studied food economics.

The most interesting thing about economics and politics is that, after all, they are always about human well-being. I want to challenge my thinking and get to know the world around me better and better. I believe that this is the only way to make a better future. 

I am especially exhilarated by assignments, which I find to have wider societal benefits. I bring Blic expertise of agricultural policy as well as insight into the political system.

Off work

Crossfit and weight lifting
Sledding and sandbox games
Hiking in the Alps