Antti Virtanen

+32 49 3849 425

I find foreign languages fascinating. Besides learning Russian at an excruciatingly slow pace, I have also studied Ancient Egyptian.

Fun fact

My name is Antti Virtanen and at Blic...

I started at Blic in Brussels in February 2020 after finishing my master’s degree in accounting. Prior to my arrival in Brussels, I have worked at the OECD and the EEAS. I applied for the Brainee program to learn how the lobbying industry works, as well as to expand upon my understanding of decision-making within the EU. I am pursuing an international career, and I am certain that the Brainee program will help me develop my professional competencies.

I enjoy working at Blic, as it gives me the opportunity to learn something new every day. Interesting assignments and the support of my professional colleagues offer me the perfect environment for continuous development.

Off work

J.S. Bach