Eero Laurinsilta

+358 45 2724 200

I am simultaneously an extremely graceful and unbelievably embarrassing dancer.

My name is Eero Laurinsilta and at Blic...

I provide analysis on the operational environment, work with various strategy processes and compile overviews for clients. I have especially been part of projects related to defence, traffic and technology.

Among my strengths are a capability to analyse issues objectively and analytically. What I find most interesting in our work, and where I personally learn the most, is when our team gets to present the observations and solutions we have come up with to the client.

I’m currently finalizing a master’s degree in economics at the Aalto University Business School. In my studies, I am interested in economic development and assessing impacts of political decision-making to real economy, market and consumer behaviour and impact forecasting.

Off work

Adventures in nature and in the city