Heikki Pälve

Senior Advisor

My name is Heikki Pälve and at Blic...

I am a healthcare sector policy advisor to Blic. In addition to healthcare, I have also been involved in consulting cases related to health and social welfare policy reform, pharmaceutical policy and IT reform of the health sector. The advisor role has been an excellent way to use my decades long expertise and understanding after the end of my active career. Being Senior Advisor to Blic keeps me closely tied to the societal changes related to the social and healthcare sector.

As we know, changes in the society are inevitable and continuous. There have been many moments of societal influencing during my career: I have personally been able to effect and enable change both on national and international level, as an employee and in positions of trust. My experience has taught me that vision is the core of any lobbying effort; vision about how the surrounding world should be changed. Because change and renewal will take place anyway, it is up to the influencer if it will happen in an orderly and controlled manner or not. The future is made, the prediction of the future is making it.


The World Medical Association WMA, Chairman of the Ethics Committee

The Finnish Medical Association, CEO

The Finnish Medical Association, President 

University of Turku, Senior Lecturer of anesthesiology, intensive care and emergency care

Turku University Hospital, Specialist in anesthesiology

Several positions in the city council and labor market policy

Reading suggestion

My suggestion is Sinuhe the Egyptian by Mika Waltari – it is a sum of several storylines in which history, humor, certain tragedy and love coexist. In Sinuhe, leading and being led, as well as reaching a goal are all visible threads of the book.

In the book, Kaptah for the first time in literature, played with futures and demonstrated that one should aim to forecast the future and trust his/her ability to be capable of creating action based on it. The book has been essential for me in my journey of making impact. The book underlines in a fantastic way how you should have perseverance, resilience and belief in yourself and your team that the set goal will also be achieved.