Ilkka Juva

Senior Advisor

My name is Ilkka Juva and at Blic...

My knowledge and expertise are beneficial especially in consulting cases that have aspects related to media and PR relations. What is central to today’s communications is that we have come a long way from passive communications, as a method of communication, to active, more interactive dialogue. We must be able to clearly tell the story we want to share – nothing should be taken for granted.

The role of Blic Senior Adviser is a very rewarding one for me. It provides me a chance stay updated on societal change, which is not only regulatory and economic in nature but, in my opinion, is made visible through values and prioritizations of the society. It is also interesting to follow change from a professional viewpoint but also live through it: one-way communication has in a very short while changed into interactive dialogue. Only a short time ago, communications of businesses and different actors of the society were composed only of sent messages. Now, communications must also consider not only the message but the responses to them.

In my opinion, the key to lobbying is to be honest and genuine with your agenda. If you are not genuine, your belief in your case will eventually suffer.


Veikkaus (Finnish gaming company), Head of Communications

Länsi Savo NewspaperEditor-in-Chief

Uusi Suomi NewspaperHead of political editorial staff

Turun Sanomat NewspaperParliamentary reporter

Several positions of trust in journalism and the press

Reading suggestion

More than just one book, I encourage to dive deep into societal and historical writings: place yourself into the story told and try to read it in a way that will bring you to understand others.