Jemi Heinilä

+358 44 3831 994

Current affairs programs or news are what plays in my earpods more often than music. I almost always watch the Parliamentary question time live, or soon after the recording has been posted.

My name is Jemi Heinilä and at Blic...

I am in charge of diverse client projects, in which I advise the clients in understanding the societal operating environment and in planning their advocacy strategy. I also train our clients on how to conduct advocacy work in practice.

I bring insights from different areas of societal action to the client projects. My wide network is composed of a wide range of political decision-makers and stakeholders. Moreover, I have diverse consulting experience from many client projects across industries.

Some of my other responsibilities include leading the Blic Brainee program and coordinating the political content and planning work for our political team. Before jumping into public affairs consulting world, I was active in politics and NGO action, and worked as a producer in many projects in the creative field.

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