Juhani Kaskeala

Senior Advisor

My name is Juhani Kaskeala and at Blic...

I advise Blic with clients in the defence sector. My role provides me an interesting and a rewarding chance to stay closely involved in various issues. Even though I have already passed my official retirement age, active engagement in lobbying activities keeps my mind alert. In addition to my advisor role, I am also a board member in a few different companies. I also have my own business, which also keeps my days active and busy.

There are many different experiences throughout my career path that benefit my work as advisor to Blic. Serving eight years as the Chief of Defence of the Finnish Defence Forces, leading an organization of nearly 40 000 people certainly taught me about responsibility.

The most essential part of lobbying is credibility: creating trust and delivering authentic, fact-based information. Lobbying must be honest and transparent – you cannot achieve sustainable results based on between-the-lines information. When engaging with political decision-makers, officers, journalists and members of the business community, I always immediately make known if I am speaking on behalf of one of our clients.


The Finnish Defence Forces, Commander

President of the Republic of Finland, Adjutant

The Finnish Defence Forces, Finnish military attachéen in London and Brussels

Defense Council, General secretary

Ministry of Defence, Director-General of the Defense Policy Department

Several board positions in large Finnish companies, including e.g. KONE

Reading suggestion

In place of a reading suggestion, I recommend watching the Tshernobyl drama series. I watched the series in two takings together with my wife. I think the series tell the story of the past Soviet society in an excellent manner. In addition to being able to learn about the former Soviet Union during my military career, I also previously worked for seven years as nuclear power lobbyist. During this time, I became acquainted with nuclear power plant technology.