Lauri Korvenmaa

+358 50 4915 687

I have been practicing small scale organic farming for over 20 years.

Fun fact

My name is Lauri Korvenmaa and at Blic...

I have over 8 years of experience from political activity, extending from grassroots movements to prime minister’s office and from NGO’s to political parties. I am especially interested in how the society can be developed as a whole and building bridges of trust between different actors. My aim is to develop into a professional of politics and the traineeship in Blic helps me to deepen my understanding of the politics and the business sector even more.

I have studied political philosophy at the University of Helsinki, focusing especially to the current change in political identities in the western democracies. Professionally I am specialized in sustainable development, strategic developing and understanding our political system.

Off work

Sports and outdoors
Urban gardening
Philosophy and thinking