Mikael Lundqvist

+358 44 901 8958

Although I enjoy public transportation as an idea, I am too impatient to be waiting for the bus. As a result, I cycle year around from Pohjoisranta to work and back in all weather conditions.

My name is Mikael Lundqvist and at Blic...

I joined Blic in March 2019, after graduating as a Master of Social Sciences from the University of Copenhagen. I have also studied in Oslo and Turku. My previous work experience comes from the Nordic Council of Ministers, where I worked both in the international team and the analysis and statistics team.

At Blic, I conduct analysis and assessments for clients from e.g., defense, transport and energy industries. I also participate in the sales work.

Given my education and international experience, I’m skilled at looking at the society and social phenomena with qualitative and quantitative methods and from different perspectives. This way, I can hopefully provide new insights and analytical know-how to the Blic team.

Off work

Social philosophical literature (withdrawal symptoms from university)
Debate on economic theories (for fun)