Olli Hellgren

+358 44 9709 694

My name is Olli Hellgren and at Blic...

I am in charge of many of our key client projects from various industry sectors. I also participate in the internal development of our company and in the sales team. I have been able to expand my consulting and lobbying expertise at Blic together with our fantastic and professional team members and our clients from a range of industry sectors. Prior to joining Blic, I worked as an intern in businesses both in Finland and abroad.

My expertise is at its best when I get to work with our international defense and energy related clients. I am especially fascinated by projects in which the current practices and ways of thinking are challenged and updated together with the client. If we’re not brave enough to accept change and provide new solutions for societal challenges, we risk that dialogue with decision-makers will focus on irrelevant topics and becomes insignificant.

Off work

Extreme sports (or dreaming about it)
Ice swimming and sauna
Exploring the world