Veera Svahn

+358 40 0205191

research, development, and innovation | competition policy​ | grocery sector​ | food industry | reputation management | communication​ | trainings

My name is Veera Svahn and at Blic...

I am responsible for developing our client services and the client teams. In the course of my Blic career, my portfolio has included projects ranging from private sector to the third sector. Before joining the Blic team, I ran a student society, worked at a communications agency and wrote columns.

In recent years, I have specifically focused on projects with challenging processes and objectives, and in which reputation management plays a significant role. I am a loud advocate for lobbying transparency, and through my work, I am eager to advance understanding, that lobbying is an essential part of societal decision-making.

Off work

Cross-country skiing
Women's shoes
Italian wines