Blic is a unique public affairs consultancy. Our services to businesses and other organisations are based on our strong expertise in and understanding of a wide variety of industries.

We divide our services into three categories: Political Analysis, Political Advocacy, and the Identification of Threats and Opportunities.

Political Analysis

Political decision-making has become increasingly difficult to predict, and few businesses have the internal resources to closely monitor the early preparatory stages of new legislation relevant to them. By constantly analysing the political environment, Blic can anticipate potential changes years in advance.

Political Advocacy

Since today’s business sectors are increasingly intertwined, it is progressively more difficult for decision-makers to understand the effects political decisions have on various actors. Therefore, proactive communication towards the decision-makers is often imperative to ensure that stakeholders’ interests are taken into account.

This is where we come in, as our diverse team of experts enables us to thoroughly engage in our clients’ multifaceted advocacy needs.

The Identification of Threats and Opportunities

Political decision-making generates both threats and opportunities for different societal stakeholders. Changing regulations may create entirely new markets, but it may also challenge businesses, for example through stricter legislative requirements. It is possible to proactively influence the changing legislation, not merely react to the changes.

While our clients are adept in their own respective fields, we provide expert assessments on which legislative actions relevant to their businesses are possible – or even probable.