Suomen Palloliitto

What is it about?

Palloliitto [The Finnish Football Association] is the umbrella organization for Finnish football, which is renewing its structures for the 2020s. The regional districts, which previously operated as independent associations, are merging into one nationwide organization. The transformation project began in early 2017 and will continue after the new, merged organization begins operations on January 1, 2020.

Tuomas Koivunen from Blic has worked for Palloliitto as the project’s external project manager. Although the facilitation of organizational reforms is not Blic’s traditional service offering, the project has benefited not only from Tuomas’ business consulting experience but also from Blic’s understanding of organizational activities. Tuomas’ role has been to produce a wide range of studies and analyzes, to bring out external views on content issues and to assist the Secretary General in coordinating the project.